Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mom

On Wednesday, June 11, Mom will turn 82. Since I will be going home tomorrow morning, I thought it would be fun to have a few of her friends over, this evening, to celebrate with her. Here she is, blowing out her candles, while her friend, Gloria, holds the cake.

I feel like Mom is doing extremely well. She is walking, with a walker, quite easily and without any pain. She feels like she could probably walk a little without it, but until the therapist works with her on that, he doesn't want her trying.

She is doing well at getting around the house, and doing most of the essential things, although she has to take it a little at a time; she tires easily. Home-health caretakers will be coming in several times a week, and can help with the things she can't manage on her own. And, of course, her good friends, including Pat and Gloria, are just a phone call away, and available when she needs a ride to doctor appointments.

After staying with her for her first three nights at home, I feel confident that she's going to be fine as she continues her recuperation, at home.

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