Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday

We continue to keep busy around here! I don't know if Robert is getting tired, but I know that both Grandma and Grandpa are sleeping VERY soundly when night comes.

Yesterday we went to see the Angry Birds movie. It was not nearly as irritating as I thought it might be. The story was pretty cute, and they did NOT play that Angry Birds music continuously, as I feared they might.  (I was not happy, however, with the language used by the Mime bird.)

Some of the other things that have kept us busy were . . . 

Building with Legos . . .

Ring toss . . .

And, today, Robert went with me to my art class. Our instructor, Barbara (pictured below), sat beside him, and they worked on a project together. He responded enthusiastically  to her loving attention. After they finished their project, he pulled out his paints and made me a sunset picture.

This evening we went to the neighborhood park to play with some water rockets. Both Dan and I remember playing with these as kids, and we remember them going w-a-a-a-a-y up in the air. But these were just duds :-(  We couldn't get ANY height out of them at all. We thought maybe a little time on the playground equipment would make up for the disappointing rocket launches, but we cut that short, too, when Robert reported that the slides were covered in bird poop. You win some; you lose some. Chalk this one up as a loss.

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