Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's a Wrap

All good things come to an end - even a special week with a grandson. We really did enjoy Robert's visit, and when he told me, on the last day, "I want to stay here," I figured that was his way of saying that he'd had a good time, too.

On Saturday Chris, Kelsey and Clara arrived. Robert was happy to see his family. Chris came prepared to tow a trailer home, since we were passing on some furniture that we no longer needed. Kelsey, on the other hand, came in their other vehicle, ready to take Clara and Robert to Pecos to visit their other grandparents. It was Father's Day weekend, so Robert gave Chris the present he made a few days ago. 

Chris headed home, towing the trailer, on Sunday afternoon, but Kelsey and the kids spent one more night with us before they hit the road. When we heard the tinkly "Turkey in the Straw" music coming down the street from the ice cream truck, the kids went crazy. Grandpa happily opened his wallet and treated the kids to their favorites. It was a perfect evening. The temperature was beginning to moderate, so Kelsey, Dan and I sat out on the back patio, visiting, while the kids ate their frozen treats and played. 

The next morning, after breakfast, Kelsey, Clara and Robert got their things packed up in the car and said their good-byes. About an hour later I went to do some laundry and found a dryer full of Robert's clothes! Poor Robert was going to have slim pickin's when it came to clothes in Pecos! I dashed off to the Post Office as soon as I could and priority mailed them to his Pecos Grandma. Here's hoping that he has them by now!

And once again, it is very quiet at our house.

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