Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Robert has been so anxious for today to arrive. He's been sharpening his picture-taking skills ever since he got here, in anticipation of the photo-scavenger-hunt we had planned for this morning. Three youngsters from church - Jolie, Jayme and Jase - met us at the mall. We divided into two teams. My friend, Janet, who is also Grandma to those three "J"s, chaperoned the girls' team; and I went with the two boys. I had prepared a two-sided list of things for them to find and photograph.

The girls found and photographed every single one of the items, and the boys found all except the "kids' book" (there wasn't a book store in the mall). They all had a barrel of fun. Jase and Robert hit it off so well, and worked together perfectly as a team. We ended our time together with a trip to McDonald's for lunch.

Jolie, Jayme, Jase and Robert, at the end of the scavenger hunt
This afternoon was pretty busy, as well. Robert and I completed a craft (pictures to be shown AFTER Father's Day). After dinner Robert took Dan and me on (and BEAT us) in another game of UNO. 

We ended the day watching a Netflix movie before Robert's bedtime. There's quite a lengthy story, of which I will spare you, about the frustrations we've been through getting our brand new TV, but it was finally in place, hooked up, and operational TODAY! Since Robert is here, we chose Charlotte's Web for our inaugural feature showing.

P.S. In case you are wondering, Robert finally got to eat his donut today! 

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