Monday, May 3, 2010

My New Toy

I'm getting ready to make Robert's first book. You might remember I was going to do Zoo Animals, but I decided, instead, to do Baby's First Words first. I want to make each page a simple image without any distracting backgrounds, so I bought myself this wonderful new toy, a photo light tent (or light box). The lights that came with it were not bright enough, which I anticipated being the case after reading on-line reviews, so I purchased some cheap work lights at Lowe's, and put daylight bulbs in them.

It's not a magic box, however. I've worked every evening for a week or so, trying to get the settings correct on my camera, and the lights placed right, and to get the Photoshop adjustments figured out. Tonight I had that Eureka! moment, when it all seemed to come together. Here's a picture of the little rubber duckie, in a style similar to what I want for the book. I say "similar," because I know I'll do some more fiddling and adjusting before I'm 100% satisfied.

I'm hoping you will leave a comment with suggestions for items I can photograph for this First Words book. I'm thinking of things like shoes, cup, blocks, etc. I need your help!


Kelsey said...
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Kelsey said...

That deleted comment was me. Blogger was being a booger.

Linda said...

Great words, Kelsey! Only . . . I'll have to make more kolaches, since ours are ALL GONE! I guess Dan wouldn't mind me making more, though ;-)

Maybe when we visit I can borrow a few things to take home and photograph. Making this book is going to be a fun project!

Betty said...

I didn´t know this about you. Sounds fascinating. You did good with that photograph of the duck.
I hope the book is a success!

Anonymous said...

It will be GREAT!!!




Kelsey said...

I have a baby you could shove in there too :)