Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have You Ever Put Your Foot In Your Mouth?

(A few more pictures from our visit.)

It seems Robert's favorite chew-toy right now is his own foot. I wish I had this agility! In this first one, he is lying on a bath mat while he waits for his little tub to fill with water.

Here he is in his car seat. Nibbling his toes helps pass the time.

Oh, yes. They're just as tasty with shoes!

That's a foot - not a hand - up there by his nose. I think it started out in his mouth, but slipped out when he fell asleep.

In a pinch, a giraffe's foot will do.

Kelsey reports that Robert's first tooth popped through a few days after we left. Hope he doesn't chomp down too hard on one of those little "piggies."

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