Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Monument . . . Of Sorts

Everyone knows where Mount Rushmore is, where the Alamo is, and where the Statue of Liberty is. But are you familiar with this landmark? Leave a comment if you know what it is and where it is. I'll tell all about it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I thin we saw that in Sedon a couple of weeks ago!!


Anonymous said...

This is strictly a guess... but is it the Trail of Tears?

Papa John said...

Why, that thar is ol' Stan Marsh's place out Am-uh-ree-yo Way, Pa'dner, jus' off yer 66 highway. that they call it "the 40" now, but that's whar it is. Thay's a buncha more Cadillac Ranches 'cross the plains, but he's the onliest varmint what filled his pastures with a line of nose-down ElDorados and would't tell them newsy guys why. I'm guess-in if ya got yore millions and a quirky character, ya can get away with odd stuff like this. And he's "a third" but he uses a "3" instead of "III". Thar's a lot-a other odd doings out in the Texas panhandle, but I wouldn't be asking the locals too many questions, cause theys sensitive out there. (I think its 'cause of the dry wind, you know.) Kinda reminds ya of Carhenge up in Nebraska, another oddball auto oddity. Yup!

Linda said...

Oh, Papa John, yer right as rain -- which they don't get much of around Am-uh-ree-yo!