Sunday, May 16, 2010

Clara's 2010 Spring Dance Recital

Today was the big day - Clara's dance recital. This year the program was a tribute to Michael Jackson's music. Dan and I purposely timed our vacation around this special day.

Preparation started Saturday night when Kelsey put curlers in Clara's hair while she played Cooties with Grandpa and Grandma. She won, by the way, fair and square!

After worship, Bible class and lunch out with friends this morning, we all went back to Chris and Kelsey's house to rest for a few minutes before Clara had to put on her costume. Then she got a little dusting of face powder and a tiny bit of lip color.

A quick peek in the mirror . . . "I look pretty!"

Her first performance was a tap dance. The red lights made it difficult to photograph - at least for me. I need to learn how to handle those kinds of situations for the future.

And later her class performed their ballet number (more colored lighting!).

There's Clara, in the center front, during the curtain call.

Clara with her proud family, after the recital.


Papa John said...

Ah! Bella Donna. Tap or ballet, it's good times for family when the progeny perform and the grandparents can be on hand to enjoy, and praise, and hug. Our tradition, zealously cherished and maintained even to the present day by the kids, was that every concert or other performance - band, pinewood derby, or whatever - had to be followed by a round of ice cream for everyone. Before you head for home, you had better find a Baskins 31 Flavors or a Dairy Queen. Be sure Clara (and eventually her siblings) understand that's the reward to expect for all hours of practice and for doing ones best and for inviting the grandparents to attend.

Linda said...

Oh, yes. We did do ice cream (well, actually frozen yogurt) after the performance. Clara, still in her dance costume, was the belle of the party.