Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun in Temple

We've been in Temple, TX, for the past few days, exploring the area. It's in a pretty part of Texas, with green rolling hills and lots of trees. The humidity runs high in the summer, but the ever-present breezes help to moderate that. We're told the wonderful winter weather more than makes up for the hot summers.

Wednesday evening we met up with friends we knew from Albuquerque, who now live here in Temple, Darin and Stephanie and their three very sweet children. We had a bite to eat and attended the Wednesday evening Bible study with them.

When Darin and Stephanie lived in Albuquerque, they only had the two boys. We only saw their daughter once before when she was a tiny baby. Dan and I both fell in love with the kids, who are all very bright and very affectionate. At one point we were looking at some of their family pictures. I asked the youngest, "Is that your Grandma?" "Yes, but we call her Grammy," she said, "But we can call you Grandma!" Awwww. Way to crawl right into my heart!

Here's a picture of the little one, with her missing front teeth.

Last night we were invited to their home for a chicken barbecue dinner. After dinner Darin took us to see Lake Belton, which is just a few minutes away from their house. It was nearly sunset, so my pictures came out a bit dark. The lake is very large and used for all sorts of recreation.

Today we're on our way to see Chris, Kelsey, Clara and Robert! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

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