Monday, April 6, 2009

There is a Time to Travel and a Time to Stay Home

Imagine taking the trip of a lifetime, to a place with emerald green vistas and steep, sheer cliffs rising up out of the ocean . . . and not being able to see.

Imagine taking the trip of a lifetime, to a place with winding country paths and castles with ancient, steep stone stairways . . . and not being able to walk.

Those were the two dilemmas Dan and I faced as the time grew short for committing (by purchasing airline tickets) to our Fall trip to Ireland. We've been planning this trip for about eight months, now, in celebration of our 40th anniversary which will be this summer. But, as wise King Solomon said:
"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."
Dan needs to have cataract surgery on both of his eyes, one after the other. And I just found out that I need to have a total knee replacement (the second knee can probably wait awhile). As we looked, first, at the calendar, then at our bank account, we came to the realization that this fall is not the time for us to travel overseas. We're both still dedicated to making this fantastic journey together, but only when the time is right. Maybe by Spring of 2010, a year from now, Dan will be seeing through healthy eyes, I will be walking with less pain, and our bank account will have had time to recover from surgery, as well. It's only six months farther out, but we think it will make a world of difference in how much we enjoy the experience.

[Note to Papa John: You're still the contest winner, and we'll still be bringing you back a prize from the Emerald Isle.]

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Papa John said...

Under these extenuating circustances, I assure you I am in no hurry.

Nor is Dan; nor are you. (There must be a cute quip to insert here about the halt leading the blind, etc. etc., but I will refrain -- barely, heh, heh!

Far more urgent to do the eyework and heal completely from it. [And Dan, extend your recovery to at least twice what your body tells you is enough. Write this as an unbreakable maxim on the door of your refrigerator and on the wall above the comode and in any other wherever you frequent frequently!! And do it!!]

Same with the knee thing, Linda, although your knee (unlike Dan's eyes) will tell you how far and how fast you can hasten the recovery therapy. So you can expect to beat his time of recovery by a well-walked country mile.

I can wait a little while for my pot of gold from the auld sod. Count on my prayers for the both of you in the meanwhile.