Monday, March 30, 2009

Until Now, We've Driven Fords

Jerry is a tall, lanky gentleman from our church congregation, who wears a hearing aid. He's well known and well loved by the children because he always has candy in his pocket for them, usually little rolls of SweetTarts. For some reason, Jerry has decided that Dan and I, though certainly not children, also deserve candy. But instead of SweetTarts, he slips us each an individually wrapped mint Lifesaver every time we meet.

It's always the same . . . I see Jerry, he sees me, and we both smile. He comes over and hugs me with one arm, while appearing to shake my hand with the other, but in the handshake he slips me the Lifesaver. Often, our hug causes his hearing aid to whistle, and he grins, and his eyes sparkle, and he says, "Ooooh. You made me whistle!" I love Jerry.

Last Sunday Jerry came over to Dan and said, "I hear you have a 'Cataract.'"

"Yes," Dan said, "I sure do . . ." And before Dan could continue telling Jerry the details of his recently diagnosed eye condition, Jerry said, "That's great! A new 'Cataract'! I've never driven one of those, although I did own a Lincoln Continental once." All three of us laughed.

This Sunday, when Jerry came up to us to shake our hands (wink, wink), Dan said, "Well, guess what I learned at the doctor's office yesterday. I have TWO cataracts!" I think Dan knew he was playing straight-man for Jerry, who, never missing a beat, quipped, "Two Cataracts?! That's perfect . . . one for you to drive, and one for Linda, too!"

Dan's first cataract surgery is scheduled for April 15.


Papa John said...

Oh, Fun! I hope his surgery succeeds like Betty's did. If so, Dan will be discovering neat things again, like "color", "distance", "perspetive", the fact that traffic lights actually have little lights in them that wink on and off like Christmas trees, and that people across the room have facial features.
If they offer you the oppportunity to watch, take them up on it because you might have a great view of all that the surgeon is doing, and be near-by for support and encouragement (yours too). I was fascinated, and we got the video.
Come see us and you can see it too!!

Anonymous said...

Well, that post was too funny....and
NOT funny at all, of course. Isn't it enough that Uncle Sam claims that day?? So it will be the Big C Day for Dan.

It will turn out great. Ken had his second Big C Day today and he can already tell that the light shining through his patch is bright and clear. He will go back on Wednesday AM for his recheck. He will probably only have to wear reading glasses now and for any of you that know Ken and remember how bad his eye sight was...well, it is miraculous!

Dan is in our prayers. It will be wonderful!!