Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gallimaufry* III

* A jumble; a hodgepodge.

I changed allergy medicine, we had a refreshing rain here (first in ages and ages), and I'm feeling much better. Maybe it was the stuffy head and the watery eyes that kept me from blogging lately. But now that I'm feeling better, I thought I'd post another "gallimaufry."

I had a nice lunch at Jason's Deli with my friend, Pam, today. We are making plans to ride the New Mexico Railrunner up to Santa Fe for a day trip, sometime soon.

The construction on our church building is nearing an end; it should be done in about a month. It'll be nice to have additional classrooms, restrooms, and a large multi-purpose space. We all got to take a long-awaited tour of the space on the Sunday before last.

My Daring Bakers assignment for this month is something I'd never have expected and something that will be a real challenge for me. Although we are having company for dinner this Friday, I'm not confident enough of success to prepare it for them. Watch for the "reveal" on Friday, March 27.

Dan and I are watching this season's "24." We got behind in the beginning, so had to watch a number of episodes from recordings, last week, to get caught up.

We are still planning to make our anniversary trip to Ireland this coming fall, although I don't think it will feel "for real" until we purchase the airline tickets.

Working for the UNM Foundation has some nice benefits, including getting Thursday and Friday of Spring Break (March 19 and 20) as holidays. I hope to use one of those days to go somewhere for a photo shoot. I don't think it has anything to do with my allergies, but this spring weather is making me "itch" to take pictures!

I've been "dipping my toe" into the world of Facebook, based on the urging of a friend (Genie, that would be YOU!). I'm not real comfortable with it yet; it makes me feel like I'm in a foreign country and don't know the language. But I have located a few long-lost friends, so it can't be all bad.

I've been on a crossword puzzle spree lately. I've always enjoyed a good puzzle; I must have inherited the crossword gene from my Mom, the Queen of Crosswords.

My Bible class 4-year-olds graduated up to the next class, and the two-year-olds moved up into mine. I'm having to gear my lessons back down to a younger level, and it makes me realize and appreciate how much mental and physical growth happens between two and four!

March is a big month for Chris and Kelsey - two birthdays and an anniversary. This was anniversary #11 for them.

Our two cars have been demanding a lot of our attention lately. Between them they've needed a new battery, repair of a broken seal, repair of an oil leak, and one set of new tires. [Edit: AND both cars have cracks running sideways across the front windshields, thanks to rocks being thrown by the tires of other vehicles. We need to have them both replaced, and our insurance deductible is very high.] I saw a TV program this week about Mackinac Island, Michigan, an island community that, for more than a century, has banned motorized vehicles. Residents and visitors, alike, get around on foot, by horse and buggy, or bicycle. The time and money our cars are demanding make me wonder if I should move to Mackinac Island!

Sweetpea is doing well. She has a dance recital in May. Grandma's thinking it would be fun to be there for it! Grandpa doesn't know if he can hold off until May!


Anonymous said...

Were you watching the Roloffs when they were on
Mackinaw Island? I watch that show quite often and
caught the one when they went to Mackinaw Island....
beautiful place! But then I remembered they have
very cold, snowy winters!

Glad you are in control of your allergies and enjoying
facebook, even tho' you had to be "forced" into it.

The dance recital sounds awfully cute....hope you'll be
able to go........Genie

Linda said...

Yes, Genie. That's the program I watched. Thanks for being one of my faithful readers!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pic of that litttle girl!!


Linda said...

Thanks Gloria. Wish we could get our three little girls together sometime. I'm sure they'd have such fun.