Sunday, April 26, 2009

Building, Bible Lesson, Blue Sky and Bird

When we arrived at our church building this morning, we were thrilled to see that the construction fence had been taken down, although yellow tape was still across all the new entrances. Everything is done now, except for a few punch-list items. The Certificate of Occupancy should be in our hands this week, and next week we'll be able to use the new space that we've been watching take shape over the past ten months or so. Here's a sneak peek of the entire building, from a distance. Next week, when everything is cleaned up and opened up, I'll take some close-up pictures and post them.

Our building has doubled in size. The original building was the taller square structure, to the right, with the peaked turquoise roof. The drive-through entrance, also with a turquoise roof, is new, as is the lower, flat-roofed rectangular structure to the left. The new structure includes a very large multi-purpose room, with a serving area; new classrooms; a teacher's resource area; and additional restrooms. We all consider this new space a true blessing, and pray that we can use it to God's glory.

Here's a picture of a few people at the groundbreaking, back in July 2008, where you can see the old square building, without the additions. They are standing where the flat-roofed rectangular addition was built.

This morning my two- and three-year-old Bible class was learning about Day Two of God's Creation. On the second day, God created the firmament (sky), and the sky divided the waters above (the clouds) from the waters below (the seas). We had a good lesson with all sorts of songs, finger plays, books and pictures about God creating the sky, clouds and water. We got our fingers wet with water, and tested whether certain things floated or sank in water. We blew bubbles in the water, with a straw. We made a handcraft, with a sky of blue, sponge-painted clouds, and glittery water below. Then we went to the window to look at the blue sky that God had made, and to search for clouds. Whoops! This is New Mexico, after all! Here was the sky we saw. They had to use some imagination when it came to clouds!


When Dan and I returned for our afternoon service, I found what we had searched the sky for in the morning (see below).Welcome to a cloudy day in New Mexico! (Okay, I might be exaggerating just a little.)

When we got home this evening, there was someone waiting to greet us. No, no out of town guests, but Tim's bird, Lady. Those of you who have marvelous memories may remember that the last bird I bird-sat for Tim was Quint. Quint died a few months ago, but before that Tim had adopted Lady as a companion for Quint.

I'm taking care of Lady because Tim will be leaving town tomorrow for a short vacation. He's worked his current position for 19 months now, and has only taken one day of leave. HR told him he needed to use or lose his vacation days, so he's off to explore the Colorado Springs area. Have a safe and fun trip, Tim!

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The new building expansion sounds great and it looks
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