Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update - Dan

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that Dan is doing much better today. He saw the doctor this morning, and the abrasion is already beginning to heal nicely. He is supposed to continue wearing the contact lens over that eye and return tomorrow afternoon for another exam.

The lens itself "looks beautiful" according to the doctor, today. His eye is still dilated a lot, so Dan can't tell just how improved his vision will be, but it's already better than before the surgery. That's a good sign!


Anonymous said...

Linda & Dan,

So glad to hear that the update is good news! Hope the eye continues to heal well and that the vision continues to improve. It is sooo exciting, isn't it?? It is an amazing time we live in and an amazing God we serve!



Papa John said...

Dna, I'm passing through Newberg on the way to Camp Yamhill tomorrow, and that will remind me to say another prayer for you. Glad to know things are looking better.

Linda said...

Thanks so much, John. He's doing great now, thanks to the many prayers.