Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spending Money; Finding Money

The Spending Money Part:
I tease Dan about his shopping habits, and it's not really fair, because mine are almost as bad. We both tend to wear our wardrobes almost to rags before we go shopping. Then, of course, we have to replenish nearly the entire wardrobe at once!

So this weekend it was my turn; I headed to the mall to find some fall clothes for work. Those of you who know me probably realize I can't just pull any old item from the department store racks. I'm "sized-challenged," and it's not always easy to find clothes that fit all three ways - fit my body, fit my taste and fit my pocketbook.

I was really excited, therefore, to discover that a new store has opened up at the mall. It's called C.J. Banks, and it has the prettiest clothes, in my size, at reasonable prices! Someone* once said, “Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.” I'd have been happy to take home half of that store's merchandise, but I restrained myself. I thought their jackets were especially pretty, so got three new jackets and three sleeveless tops to go underneath. Then I found a couple pair of slacks at Penney's that went well with the three jackets.

And that brings me to... The Finding Money Part:
As I walked through Penney's, I happened to look down and see on the floor what looked like a piece of white paper wrapped around some money. I picked it up, and sure enough, it was a sum of money that would have bought me another jacket at C.J. Banks! It was wrapped in an ATM slip. I first looked around and, not seeing anyone who looked like they were frantic over losing some money, I hunted for a store clerk. I noticed one check-out counter where two clerks were talking and where there was no line. I walked over there and explained that I had found some money on the floor. The first clerk said, "Finders keepers, I guess!" But the second one said, "No, let's call a manager." To make a long story short (and it did take about a half-hour of my time before it was over), I ended up meeting a manager at the catalog counter. He took the money and wrote down the information I gave him about where I found it. I thought maybe, if no one claimed it after a reasonable amount of time, that the "finder's keeper" rule might then apply. But no. Penney's policy is that if the money isn't claimed after 30 days it is given to a charity chosen by Penney's.

After talking it over with Dan, I agreed with him that it would have been better to take the money and the ATM slip to the bank. The bank probably could have determined who had made the withdrawal at that time and location, and contacted the person who lost the money. Next time, which I doubt will ever come, I'll know better.

*(Bo Derek)

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