Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dan's Fortune Cookies

Friday night Dan and I went out to dinner at one of our favorite places, Chow's Asian Bistro. We really love their Pot Stickers, and their Fireworks Shrimp Fried Rice is delicious. Dan's favorite is the Mongolian Beef.

Besides the good food, another reason I like going to Chow's, or to any Chinese restaurant, for that matter, is the fortune cookies. Now, fortune cookies, in and of themselves, are a fun finish to a meal, I guess. But fortune cookies ala Dan are much more entertaining.

For several years, now, when Dan opens his fortune cookie, inside is an installment of an on-going serial story! (Unlike my fortune that always say something like, "You like Chinese food.") I don't know how they get so many words on that little slip of paper, but he reads them to me, so they must be there. After all, I've heard that the national anthem can be written on a grain of rice, so who am I to doubt Dan?

To briefly bring you up to date, the current serial story is about a little girl who was abducted by a space alien and taken to his space ship. So, on Friday night, Dan broke open his cookie and read to me, from his fortune, the next installment which went something like this:

"'I want to go home,' cried the little girl. The alien said to her, 'One day, when you're grown, some man will promise you the stars and the moon; but he won't really be able to give them to you. If you stay here with me, I can give you the stars and the moon.'"

To be continued . . . join us for dinner the next time we go to Chow's, and you, too, will find out the little girl's response.

Sometimes I wonder what the other restaurant patrons think when they see Dan intently "reading" his fortune, and going on for a minute or two. But I don't really care. It always makes me laugh, and laughter is an even better finish to a meal than dessert!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about Dan's story that he finds in his fortune cookie. I will be watching for another episode.

Your Dad and I used to go to dinner and we would pick somene out that was eating there too, and we'd make up a story about that person.

He might be alone with a small child, and we'd decide his wife was in the hospital having a new baby, so he was the caregiver, or if it was an gentleman with a youngr looking lady, he was a masher cheating on his wife. We had some pretty good stories going too. Lov.e...Mom

Linda said...

No, you'll have to join us for a Chinese dinner to hear another installment :-)

Anonymous said...

Linda - What fun!