Saturday, September 15, 2007

Organizing Grandma

My life used to be a lot busier than it is today. When the kids were home and in middle and high school, I didn't carry a purse. Instead I toted around an organizer. It was a large three-ringed binder type, with little plastic zippered pockets inside, and a leather cover that also closed with a zipper. It had a place for my driver's license and credit cards; a place for my checkbook and cash (what cash?); but most importantly it had daily calendar pages for me to keep track of the entire family's appointments and activities. It was great because, no matter where I was, when someone would ask if we were free for something or other, I could whip open the organizer and tell them right then if we had that time available.

Once the kids were grown, and I no longer needed to keep up with school events; church youth group events; doctor, dentist and orthodontist appointments; Takashi's baseball practice, Tim's Kung Fu and Chris' part-time job schedule; and so forth, I abandoned the organizer. It was scary at first, but eventually it gave me a sense of freedom.

And that brings me to the present. I got a call today, around noon, to see if I was going to make it to a "secret sisters" kick-off. I had forgotten all about it, and it was too late to get myself ready, drive across town and arrive on time. This was the second thing that I forgot to show up for in the past year or so. (My friend, Joycelyn, if she's reading, will know what the other missed appointment was.) It's really not like me! And I find it embarrassing.

I think it's time to go buy an organizer again, but not such a monster one. Maybe just a small purse-sized date book will do the trick. Sadly, in September it's probably going to be difficult to find them on the shelves for the current year. I'm pretty sure they're marketing 2008 calendars by now. But I think the wise thing is to hop in the car, right now, and make an effort to find one. If I put it off . . . I might forget.

[Edit (6:29 PM): I found one! No more forgotten appointments :-)]

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