Monday, August 13, 2007

Update - State Fair Photography Competition

Today Sherry and I met at 12:30, when I got out of work, and had lunch together at a little old drug store in the University area, that had a lunch counter and a few tables. It was a fun place to eat, although the food wasn't anything special.

After lunch we took our photos over to the fair grounds and stood in line to get them entered for judging. I kept looking around, trying to catch glimpses of our competition. I saw some really nice work. It was strange, but it felt almost like leaving my children with someone, when I turned over my photos.

Judging of the adult amateur photography will take place on two nights, August 22 and 23. Sherry and I want to go and observe the judging. In fact, I think it's what I'm most looking forward to. I am so interested in what the judges will be looking for. Next year, after attending the this year's judging, I'll have a better idea of what kinds of photos to submit. This year it's a shot in the dark, so to speak.

Sherry and I decided that we'll go ahead and have our usual Tuesday lunch together, tomorrow, even though we spent this afternoon together. Can't spend too much time with a good friend!

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