Wednesday, August 8, 2007

For the Love of Books

My sweet daughter-in-law, Kelsey, has her own blog. And that's where I get to read on a regular basis about Sweetpea. She even posts photos frequently, so I can see how Sweetpea is growing up. (I'm trying very hard to keep Sweetpea's identity private, because of the dark side of the internet, so I'm not going to add a link to Kelsey's blog.)

In a recent blog, Kelsey told about Sweetpea's weekly trip to the library for story hour. It tickles my heart to hear about her love of books. Kelsey says that Sweetpea especially looks forward to singing with the librarian during storytime, and that "If You're Happy and You Know It" is her favorite song. She says that every time they sing it, the librarian looks around and says, "I don't see very many happy faces," until she spots Sweetpea, and then shouts, "There's a happy face! You can be happy for everybody."

Sweetpea turned in her summer reading log last week (well, of course, that means books she's had read to her) and for that she got to pick out a book of her very own to take home with her. I'm posting the picture that Kelsey posted, showing Sweetpea, immediately after storytime, looking at her new book. (Kelsey, I hope you don't mind me pirating your photos.) Keep up the good work, Sweetpea and Sweetpea's mama! Grandma's proud of both of you.

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