Saturday, August 18, 2007

Colors for Sweetpea

Some of you are probably wondering where I've been today. I usually post in the mornings, but today I've been preoccupied. I'm working on a "Color" book for Sweetpea. Not a book she can color in, but one to help her learn her colors. I completed an ABC book earlier this year for her, using my own photos and text. It was so much fun that I couldn't resist doing a sequel. (By the way, if any of you are interested in doing something like this, I highly recommend for the printing and binding. They're reasonably priced, they have great customer service, and I was really pleased with their quality.)

So, today, I was mostly working on a layout that could be repeated for each color. The 2-page spread below is what I came up with (click on it to see a larger version). As you see, I haven't dropped the photos into all of the picture spots yet - in fact the one that is there might not even be used in the final product. I'm going to be very busy for awhile taking pictures to fit each page's color theme.

(Edit: I re-posted the sample pages, since resizing for the web faded out the colors. This is a little better, but still not as vibrant and true as the full-size file. But you get the idea.)

I'm open to suggestions for improving the layout. Just leave a comment, and I'll take any and all suggestions under consideration. When I get it completely finished, I'll put a link to the pages, so you can all see them. And if any of you haven't seen the ABC book, let me know and I'll give you that link, as well.

On another note, last evening we went to some friends' home (Sam and Kathy's) for dinner. Sam and Kathy have an eight-year-old girl, named Sarah. Sarah is tall and lanky, blonde-headed, and cute - not to mention, quite precocious! I think maybe Sarah has given me a glimpse of what's to come for Sweetpea.

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Kelsey said...

Ooooh, the sequel looks riveting! I can't wait til it's release.