Tuesday, August 7, 2007

An Intriguing Bit of Hope

I was just reading a news article that started out this way:

"The secret agent's eyes dart back and forth as he scans the store for a hidden password.

He cautiously walks up to the counter and whispers to an employee, 'Is Mr. Danish Blue here?'

She nods with approval - a clear indication that he's solved the mysterious riddle and found the correct business.

Now he must give her the secret message.

'The blue grass of summer smells so sweet,' he says.

The woman smiles as she replies: 'Kind of like Danish when mowed twice a week.'"
(The Flint Journal First Edition, Sunday, July 29, 2007, by Linda Angelo)

And then my phone rang. It was Sara, from the art shop. She said she wanted to put my mind at ease, and let me know that she'd be getting my pictures done today. She wants me to meet her, on the sidewalk, outside the shop, at precisely 5:00 this evening, for the hand-off (okay, she didn't really use that term). Sounds like intrigue to me! I wonder if I'll need to deliver a secret message? Maybe I'll try "The one-legged rooster crows at dawn," just in case.

(By the way, the article I cited was interesting. A spy game that is being used by merchants, as advertising, to get people into their establishments. Sounds a lot more effective than those stupid "Head-On" commercials, don't you think? And there's a $500 prize to the winner!)

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chdabq5100 said...

I know it will be hard to wait untill 5:00. I will keep my fingers crossed!! (they will look great). I decided not to matt mine myself, the process is beyond my capability. So, I'm taking them in today (but not to Sara!). See you at lunch. Sherry