Friday, August 17, 2007

Just Ducky

There is a little pond, with a fountain, that I sometimes pass on my way home from work, depending on which way I go. I never go by without looking over and thinking, "I should stop there some day."

On Wednesday I stopped. As I approached the pond, I scared up several fat frogs that leapt from the deep grass near the edge, into the water. I sat down on a bench at the edge of the pond. These curious ducks kept circling and scrutinizing me and, I suppose, hoping for a snack. But I came empty-handed.

It was peaceful and quiet there; only the pleasing hum of some dragon flies, the melodious splash of the fountain, and an occasional low, gutteral complaint from a duck embellished the silence. I stayed no more than 15 minutes, but even that short time was refreshing and relaxing. I'll have to stop more often . . . and remember to bring some bread crusts for the quackers.

[Note: This marks the one-month anniversary of my blog. Here's looking forward to month #2!]


Kelsey said...

Happy one month! I hope you're a little more committed to your blog next month :)

And Clara loved your slide show by the way.

Linda said...

You're funny. If I keep up THIS pace, I'll have to BE committed ;-)

Glad she liked the pictures!