Saturday, May 17, 2014

Where in the World?

Ahhhh! There's no place like home!

We just got home this afternoon, after a ten-day road trip which included mileage through, or into, seven different states.

Our final destination was the home of one of Dan's old roommates from college, named Bingse. He took us to this ball field one day and, as you can see in this photo, Dan walked the bases. This isn't just ANY ball field; it's a famous one. If you can identify it, you'll know our destination-state.

Any guesses before I reveal the answer in my next post?


Anonymous said...

Is it the field from the movie Field of Dreams?

Genie B.

Lois said...

Would you be in Iowa?

Linda said...

Is it heaven...I mean Iowa?

Linda Judd said...

Linda - Yes, parts of Iowa did feel "heaven-ish"!