Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dan's Up-Coming Adventure

Dan has a date scheduled with the orthopedic surgeon - the same one who gave me my new titanium knee, almost a year ago. As our preacher announced at church last week, "Dan couldn't stand for Linda to be the only one with a new knee, so he's getting one too." Ha!

His surgery is scheduled for May 22, and this week he completed all of his pre-op appointments, as well as Joint Camp, the class that Scott & White puts on for patients and their coaches, to answer all questions about your scheduled knee (or hip) replacement surgery. It was our second time to attend Joint Camp, so was more of a refresher for us. But our roles are reversed this time, and it's interesting how you hear different things depending on your perspective - as the patient or the coach.

Please keep Dan in your thoughts and prayers as he prepares, goes through, and recovers from this procedure. Oh, yes . . . and a prayer or two for me as his at-home care-taker would be welcome, as well.

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