Monday, May 19, 2014

Such Smart Readers I Have!

I've gotten several emails from some of my readers, as well as the comments left on the blog, and every one of you is correct. The picture was of the Field of Dreams ball field, and our final destination was Iowa. If the planting season had been further along, the corn fields would have been a dead give-away. But Iowa is a lot cooler than down here, and the farmers are still preparing their fields, while here, in Texas, the corn is standing about three feet high already.

Here's a photo of the Field of Dreams farm house, which sits beside the ball field.

Here's a map, showing our route. What it doesn't show are the two forays we made, while staying in Iowa, across the borders into Wisconsin and Illinois. So our seven states were: Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Arkansas. I had been through Wisconsin and Kansas before, when I took a long road trip, as a youngster, with our friends, Liz and Louise. For Dan, though, it was his first time to see every one of these states (except Texas, of course).

I'll be posting more pictures and narrative about our big adventure, as soon as I can sort through the 400-plus photos I brought home

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