Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ladies' Day 2013

Yesterday we, the ladies of the Temple church of Christ, hosted an area-wide Ladies' Day. We worked for months preparing for this event, so we were all happy that it was a big success. We had two speakers, one of them from our local congregation and another from out of town. Both of them presented excellent lessons.

Janet and Carla - our two speakers

Janet is multi-talented. Besides presenting one of the lessons, she painted this mural, using acrylic paints, onto a bulletin board (she did it in one afternoon and evening). Our theme was "I Come to the Garden." Other bulletin boards were decorated, as well, keeping with the garden theme.

I'm not sure of the final count, but we had in the neighborhood of 80 ladies who attended, and they came from a dozen or so different towns. 

For lunch, we prepared a salad buffet with salads of every kind - green/vegetable, fruit, pasta, meat, gelatin - all donated by our own ladies. For dessert we had a huge variety of pound cakes. The tables were decorated in springtime colors, with small gift bags at each place.

Most of the decorating and set-up was done on Friday. I was at the building from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (except for a lunch break) on Friday, so by the close of the meeting on Saturday, I was pretty tuckered out. I ended up calling it a day around 8:30 last night, and slept like a rock in a river bed all night long. But it was a sweet sleep, knowing that all of our hard work had been rewarded by a successful event.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story board of what looks to be a very successful event! You are right, your friends painting is fabulous!

Ivor said...

Wow, what a lot of organising. I'm glad it went well for you.