Tuesday, February 26, 2013

52 in 2013 - #9 Theme of the Week: Domestic Animals

Meet Max (above). He is one of my two sweet-natured "granddogs." He is the younger of the two Corgis, a year younger than Zoe (below). We have watched them grow up from rambunctious puppies into sedate seniors. As you can see, Max is still patient with the grandkids, even when coaxed into wearing a birthday hat. Zoe, Max's plumper and older companion, is content, these days, to be left alone to nap and dream of days gone by.


Lois said...

Very nice pet portraits. The look of patience on the party hat puppy is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

The party boy has that look of 'oh why do I do these things..."

Anonymous said...

The party boy is ready for some action! lol It looks like the sleepy one has already had his fill of excitement! Both are wonderful pet portraits!