Monday, February 25, 2013

Atta Girl!

I had my A1C lab work done last Thursday. The A1C test measures one's average blood sugar levels over a period of the last three months. This morning I saw my doctor to go over the results. My score has come down to 5.0, which falls in "Normal" range for someone without diabetes. That doesn't mean that I no longer have diabetes (once you have it, you have it for life), but it does mean that I currently have it under control, which is a big deal to me!

I've been using a three-pronged approach at controlling my blood glucose (BG):

1. I've been eating a moderately low carbohydrate diet (trying to keep it at about 75g to 80g spread out evenly throughout the day). It's a drastic change for me. No more sandwiches with two slices of bread; only half a potato, and only occasionally; ixnay on the pasta and pizza; no to most fruit, although I seem to be able to handle a few berries without a problem. Oh . . . and, of course, no to all those Daring Baker delicacies I used to create.

2. I try to exercise some - mostly walking - on days when my knees will allow it. Exercising is wonderful for lowering BG, as the body burns up carbs for energy.

3. Besides watching my carbs, I've also been keeping my calories between 1100 and 1300 a day. As a result I've lost 34 lb. (and more to come, I hope) since the beginning of October. Losing weight has also helped my BG numbers to come down.

My doctor was overjoyed with my progress. She says to keep doing what I'm doing. Keeping my BG level at or near the normal range will help me avoid all those nasty complications you hear and read about. It was great to get the reassurance from my doctor that I'm on the right course.

When I got home, Dan asked me how it went. "My doctor loves what I'm doing!" I reported, which prompted a big hug and an "I'm proud of you" from Dan. It was a good day!


Anonymous said...

My husband is diabetic so I know exactly what you have gone thru...if I were there I would hug you too! What an accomplishment...CONGRATS!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic, Linda! Keep up the good work! :)