Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Dan and I drove over to Spring on the third. Our plans were to go, with Chris, Kelsey and the kids, to a patriotic outdoor concert that evening, but dark clouds and thunder changed our plans. Instead we went to dinner at a great little deli, where Clara had fun in the old-fashioned photo booth. She did two sessions; one with Daddy and one with Mommy.

The next morning - the Fourth - started early. We were on our way to The Woodlands for the parade by around 7:00 a.m. That got us there early enough to get a nearby parking place, and to set up "camp" at a perfect spot along the parade route.

We ate our breakfast there, while we waited for the start of the festivities.

After awhile some street performers arrived, which helped keep us entertained until the beginning of the parade. Clara got a glittery star stamped onto her sweet face.

And both children got balloon animals -- a ladybug for Clara and a giraffe for Robert.

All sorts of people (and superheroes) showed up!

The kids got a little weary with waiting for the parade to begin.

But, FINALLY, it started, with marching bands, horses, floats, boy scouts, girl scouts and tributes to the military. It was a first-class celebration of America's independence.

After the parade we went back to Chris and Kelsey's place for a little lunch, and then we all took afternoon naps. Aaaah!

Late that afternoon Chris threw burgers and brats onto the grill and friends came over to share a backyard meal. 

Robert had the right idea for cooling off.

A Fourth of July celebration wouldn't be a proper celebration without fireworks, so I'll post my fireworks pictures in the next post.

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Kelsey said...

I scrolled through the swimming pool progression pictures really quickly and Robert thought that was hilarious. He about busted a gut when I did it backwards. I had to go through them forward and back about 10 times.