Friday, July 6, 2012


Ever since Clara was a newborn, Chris has taken her to "Daddy-Daughter Breakfast" on Saturday mornings. After breakfast they go to Jill's Books, where Clara gets to pick out a used book to take home. Jill has befriended the family, and she was the reason we got such an outstanding spot from which to watch the fireworks. She reserved a couple of her store parking spots for Chris & Co. Those parking spots are directly across from the spot where The Woodlands launches their fireworks. Thank you Jill for helping to make our 4th of July so special.

Here's our crew minus me and Robert:

Robert preferred watching the fireworks from the safety of his car. As you can see, he kept his hands over his ears or hovering nearby, out of respect for those big booms.

And here are a few shots. It was a magnificent display that lasted an hour or so.

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