Sunday, July 8, 2012

To the Rodeo!

After the 4th of July festivities, in Spring, we brought Clara home with us for a few days. We came home on Thursday, and that evening went to a big rodeo at the Bell Co. Expo Center. Friends of ours from church, Robert and Susan, gave us reserved front row tickets! Robert works at a bank, and gets complimentary tickets, because the bank is one of the rodeo sponsors. Robert also provided tickets for the church youth group. Before the rodeo started, we joined up with the teens and some of their parents for a hot dog dinner at Robert and Susan's house. Clara enjoyed getting to know some of the girls.

The show was three hours long, and that was a tad bit too long for a tired, squirmy little girl, who had already had a couple days of 4th of July activities. Clara told me she liked the horses, but didn't like the bulls. She especially loved the pretty girls doing trick horseback riding. They really were phenomenal, but I think that it was the glitter on the rumps of the horses that actually impressed Clara most.

I took pictures, but they didn't turn out good. I kept looking at the results on my 3" LCD screen, and thought they were fine, but when I got home and loaded them onto the computer, I discovered that they were all pretty blurry. I should have used a much faster shutter speed. Next time I'll know better, although I may never have such a good opportunity again. Those seats were fantastic. We were close enough to reach out and touch some of the horses, from our seats (but we didn't). And close enough to get dirt (and glitter) thrown into our faces. Here are a few blurry images which, at least, show some of the action.

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