Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Note to Liz

As I've said, before, growing up I thought of our friends, Liz and Louise, as family. One thing I remember as clearly as if it were yesterday was Liz's knack for making the most delicious pot of chicken and noodles I've ever eaten. Liz came from Indiana, and she told us the only way to eat homemade chicken and noodles (the Indiana way) was to ladle them over a big dollop of mashed potatoes. She was right! If Heaven has food, Liz's chicken-and-noodles-over-mashed-potatoes must be on the menu!

Today I got a craving for homemade chicken and noodles. I tried to buy some of those frozen noodles, that cook up almost like homemade, but couldn't find them in the store here. What to do? I'd make my own noodles! So, this morning, I started the great noodle adventure. I decided not to use my Kitchenaid mixer, but to do it all by hand. I made the well in the pile of flour, filled it with the eggs, and mixed it all up with my fingertips. After the dough started to come together into a ball, I kneaded it for about ten minutes, until it was smooth and elastic, let it rest for a while, and then began the rolling-out and slicing. My noodles are now laid out on the kitchen counter, drying, and my chicken is in the crock pot . . .


. . . and I feel like I've put in a full day's work!



Anonymous said...

You are so impressive!!!


(do you still have the pasta maker Dan gave you?)

Linda Judd said...

Gloria, ha! You remember the pasta maker???!! That's funny. No, I left it behind many moves ago. Rolled these by hand.

kathy said...


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