Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Many Thanks for Parting Words, Deeds and Gifts!

Overwhelmed . . . that's what we've been from all of the dinner invitations, gifts and kind words on this, the week before our retirement and departure. Gifts were certainly not necessary or expected, but people have just showered us with every kind of kindness!

You may recall my mention of our dear friend, Jerry, from church. He's affectionately knows as "the candy man" because he always has his pockets full of individually wrapped mint Lifesavers, which he passes out, one at a time, with every hug or handshake. He and his wife, Jean, gave us a pretty gift bag last Sunday, and inside was this package. Every time I pop one in my mouth, I'll think of them -- two good friends, sweeter, themselves, than the candy. But Jerry's hugs just can't be packaged, and I'll miss them ever so much.

This morning my office colleagues - all four of them (Betsy, Karl, Deborah and Jessica) - took Dan and I to breakfast at The Range. They also gave me a beautiful card and a thoughtful gift, especially considering my photography interests. It's a little snap-on lens for my iPhone, that converts to either a fisheye lens, a macro lens or a wide-angle lens. How fun is THAT going to be?!!!

And then, at noon today, Dan's colleagues from both AFRL and POD gathered at P.F. Chang's and treated Dan and I to lunch. There were about 24 people there, and we had a great time visiting. I learned that Dan is actually the very first person to have retired from POD! From that party, we took away two nice gifts. One was a gift card (I didn't take a picture) and the other a gorgeous Nambé Copper Canyon bowl.

And I love this one! Our neighbors from Rio Los Pinos Dr (David and Lorraine, and son Nathan) took us to dinner the other evening (I think I mentioned, before, that we might have run out of time, but they squeezed it in), and Lorraine gave me this fun little snow globe, or, more precisely, a Texas Snowman globe. We all got a good laugh out of it.

We will be leaving Albuquerque with wonderful memories of so many good people. Thanks to all of you for making this transitional time in our lives so sweet.


Anonymous said...

You are surely being treated royal,aren't you? That's wonderful. It will be hard to leave all of your ABQ friends tht have become so special to you and Dan.

Oma Hagen said...

Wow - you got a bag of mints, and a beautiful bowl to put them in! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you and Dan are going to be greatly missed!
Best wishes for a smooth transition to Texas and retirement!.....Genie

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised at all the gifts and out pourings of love. You two make great friends where ever you go. Linda - Happy Birthday tomorrow. Does your email still work? Love, Kathy in Juneau.