Monday, January 23, 2012

Love One Another, For Love Is of God

Sunday afternoon our church family hosted a farewell reception for us. It was such fun! Tables decorated with colorful bandannas and little vases of wildflowers; a serving table cute enough to make even the state of Texas proud; a beautiful (and delicious) Texas cake decorated by our preacher's wife, Christie; homemade cookies by Carol. All of this was coordinated by our dear friend, Celia. Thank you brothers and sisters of the Northeast church, for the going-away party and for years of encouragement, TLC and love. We'll never forget you.

Here are a few photos, taken by Dennis (that would be Celia's husband).

And then there's this picture . . . flattering, isn't it?! Dan has given it a title: "Take Me To My Grandkids, Pahdner!"

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Anonymous said...

i love it! our church family really outdid themselves!!! How hard it must have been to say "good-bye" to them.

That last picture is priceless!