Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Few Ten-Second Rants

Call me grumpy Today. That's okay. Every now and then it just feels good to stomp my foot and holler (figuratively) about a few things:

Parents who consistently bribe their misbehaving child into compliance (or silence). Isn't this just rewarding the bad behavior? The child's thought process must be something like this: Whenever I do something naughty, especially in public, Mommy will give me a cookie!

People who text while driving. So scary!

Fast food employees who wait until you’ve placed your order and driven to the first drive-through window, to pay, to tell you that their credit card machine is down this morning – cash only. I never carry cash, so have to drive off, leaving my Egg McMuffin sitting at window #2.

Scoundrels who hack your Facebook and/or email accounts and use your identity to send fictitious emails to everyone in your address book. I’m still a bit touchy about this one!

Realtors who make an appointment to show your house, and then don’t come.

People who toss cigarettes out their car windows. Don’t they realize this is littering? And don’t they know it’s a fire hazard, here in drought-stricken New Mexico?

Hair stylists who look at a photo you’ve brought in and send you out the door with a completely different “do.” I’ve even had them tell me, “Oh, you don’t want that.”

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