Friday, May 6, 2011

Early Morning Email

I woke up this morning and checked my email. There was a message from Takashi saying he and his bride, Yoko, will be coming to see us in August! Needless to say, we are happy and excited to see him again and to meet his bride of about one year, Yoko.

We may still be in our house, trying to sell it. We may have sold it and be packing to move out. We may already be out and living in a small apartment. But none of that will matter. It’ll just be great to see them, whatever our situation.

Takashi has come back to America to visit us a number of times since his exchange year. The first two times were in Oregon, and once again in Juneau. Now, for his fourth visit, he’s coming to see us in New Mexico – just in time, since a Texas move is on our radar.

Takashi’s first visit was a real surprise. You can read about it HERE. His third visit, to Juneau, was a little disappointing for him, because he had planned to do lots of sightseeing and outdoor adventures, but it was October, and the heavy, cold, windy rains had begun. Most of the tourist activities had closed for the season. He ended up hardly even catching a glimpse of the tops of the mountains or of any of the awesome scenery there. It was all shrouded in Juneau’s famous heavy, thick, low-hanging clouds, and the rain never did let up.

That kind of weather shouldn’t be a problem this time, but our guests should be prepared for HEAT at that time of year. I hope we can take them on a few day-trips out of the city, to see some of the beauty of New Mexico.

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