Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Need Your Help

I’m working on a new picture book for grandson, Robert. It’s a book about his great-grandpa and his namesake – my dad, Bob Clark. I have an exciting and rather ambitious vision in my head of the art work, and hope I’m able to bring it to life.

Many of you knew my dad. I am soliciting your help with suggestions of things he did or things he was. Remember to keep your ideas simple, concrete, appealing to a toddler, and action-oriented, for instance: he was a sailor in the Navy; he was a baker; he was a fisherman; he was a hunter (and killed a brown bear!); he was an airplane pilot; he liked to camp in his RV; he was a golfer; he took art classes; he was a photographer; and, of course, he read his Bible daily. I could use about three to five additional ideas, so let’s hear them. I’m counting on you, friends and family!


Kelsey said...

No ideas since I only had the privilege of meeting him once, but I can't wait to see it! What an awesome keepsake that will be!

Linda Judd said...

I'm hoping so, Kelsey. Lots of work yet to do.

Papa John said...

Ooooh, just saw this challenmge tonight. So are we thinking Clara and Robert? Hmmmm? This should be easy:

Kind and Thoughtful
Always went "to church"
Big smile
A Helper (good worker)
Fun to talk with
A reader
Always polite
A storyteller
A teacher

Altogether a well rounded, well educated, servant/leader, and good neighbor and a good friend. One of my mentors, churchwise, for which I am grateful. And he married especially well !!

Linda Judd said...

Thank you, John. Appreciate your thoughts. "A storyteller" - good thought! I might be able to incorporate that one, as well as "reader" and "teacher."

Anonymous said...

This sounds like such a sweet tribute, Linda. Your Dad would be so pleased. I can see him smiling right now. Hugs....Mom

Janet said...

I remember the bear rug on the floor in the downstairs room in the log house very well. I also remember sitting with your dad and mom every Sunday and getting to go out to lunch with them after church. Many Sundays we went to the cafe at the glacier. They had the best pies and burgers.
Your parents were the best adopted grandparents!

Linda Judd said...

Yes, I remember you, Janet, as a little girl with long, red braids, sleeping with your head on my dad's lap during church. Funny, isn't it, that my folks "adopted" you, and your folks always said they were my second "mom and dad." I guess we were both blessed with pretty terrific parents!