Thursday, January 13, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Tim’s birthday was last Friday, January 7. Since I was sick, we had to put off the birthday celebration until this weekend. Our friend, Mike, from Juneau, is visiting for a few days, so he joined us for a nice dinner out, at Olive Garden, and for dessert at home afterward.

Not only was this a celebration of Tim's 35th birthday, but also of his 1st anniversary at HP. I have a feeling that the coming year will hold exciting changes for him, as he's seriously looking to buy his first house. In fact, Tim has invited Dan and me to see, this afternoon, a couple of properties that he is considering.

Happy birthday, Tim. I’m proud and happy to be your Mom!


Papa John said...

Note to Tim: Concerning parents... Sorry, we don't get to choose them. You gotta do the best with whatcha got. But I have to tell you, you could have done much worse for a Dad and Mom. On the other hand, you couldn't have done any better. So, Happy Birthday young man, and count your many blessings; in this case, start with both of them.

Linda Judd said...

John, thanks for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

No, kids themselves do not get to pick their parents. I know many families or "parents" who are dysfunctional or inappropriate for each other. I am happy to say that these two understand parenting, and do a real good job of it.

I am not nervous or anxious about a home purchase (oddly); I think it's time to do it.. and can only help me. I should be able to pay off auto loans, student loans and home loans one at a time when I'm not flushing money down the toilet.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Tim on all counts!

May God richly bless him and you and Dan this year.