Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Review for the Judds

January - It's hard to say good-bye to dear friends. Keith moved away in January.

February - Tim began his new job at HP. It's been a great year for his career.

May - We try to make it to Texas to see Clara's spring dance recital each year, as we did this year, in May.

June - Tim took me to see Cirque du Soleil, something I've wanted to do for a long time.

June and July - Wear your sun screen! I had two skin cancers removed in June and July.

July - We traveled to Muleshoe, TX, for Dan's 45th high school reunion.

August - Mom hopped on a little commuter plane and came to Albuquerque for a visit.

August - While Mom was here, a huge piece of tire tread, from a semi-truck, flew into the front of our car and did major damage; repairs all paid for by insurance (Accident #1)

September - It was scary when Dan had to go to the emergency room because of a blood clot in his leg. He's feeling much better now, although the recent ultrasound scan showed that the clot is still there. Until it's gone he'll have to stay on blood-thinner meds.

October - We traded in our Escape (all fixed and pretty) for a new VW Tiguan. Strange sounding name, but a fun car to drive.

November - Back to Texas we went, to celebrate Thanksgiving and Robert's birthday with the Texas Judds.

November - We were the victims of a drunk driver, when, at 12:30 at night, she jumped the curb, slammed into Tim's car (which was parked in our driveway), spun it 90 degrees, pushed it up the hill of our drive and into our garage door. Between Tim's car and our garage door, we sustained about $9000 damage. (Accident #2)

December - On our way to our Saturday breakfast, we were rear-ended in Dan's car. $700 damages, paid by other driver's insurance. (Accident #3)

December - Wonderful Christmas with the entire family.

December - While at Mom's (for Christmas) Dan tripped on a large, wooden planter box that Mom had just outside her front door, and took a spill on the concrete. He sustained some scrapes and bruises, and broke . . . his Nook e-reader. Better than breaking a bone! (Accident #4)

There were many wonderful memories made this year, but we're hoping that 2011 is the start of an accident-free year for our family!


Patty said...


No need to post this comment, but you need to spell check your title!

Linda Judd said...

Thanks, Patty. Can I hire you as my proofreader? I often need one ;-)

Papa John said...

Wow! I'd say don't let your auto insurance lapse. Be sure you have adaquate "uninsured motorist" coverage. Check your home liability limits. And watch your step! In our dotage now, we tend to think we are as invulnerable as in our reckless youth (nothin's gonna happen to us. Right?) but it can. Last night I sneezed, lost my balance, sprawled into a closet over all the clutter, wrenching my back and sharply banging my elbow. It nearly took an act of Parliment to extract me from the tangle. Unpredictable, but painful nevertheless. And I'm already into 2011. I want you to do better that that. OK? Cheers.