Monday, June 28, 2010

Three Years, 524 Posts and 30,000 Visitors

I just looked at my visitor counter (which I just moved to the top right for easier viewing) and saw that I'm approaching 30,000 visitors to my blog. Actually it's more than that, because the counter wasn't there from the beginning. Then I noticed that I'm also coming up on my blog's three-year anniversary (July 17). I've posted 525 times in those three years.

Let's celebrate! If you are the 30,000th visitor (ding-ding-ding-ding-ding), leave me a message in the comments (and your email, if I don't know how to contact you) and I will send you a copy of Red or Green: New Mexico Cuisine.

Remember to look at the counter. I won't know who wins if you don't tell me!


Betty said...

Your blogiversary is on my birthday. Perfect! :) Congrats to 3 years of blogging!!

Linda said...

"Blogiversary." I love that! ;-)

Anonymous said...

A contest!!

What fun!!!



grammajo said...

Missed you by 4+; enjoy your blog when I pop by. Always beautiful pictures.

Linda said...

Grammajo, look again! I've extended to 30,015. Maybe you'll be "it."