Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dan's 45th Class Reunion from Muleshoe High School

This weekend we drove down to Muleshoe, TX, for Dan's high school reunion. It was a reunion for all classes from 1937 through 1985. Over all, there was a large turnout, although only a few from the class of '65 showed up, because there had been a 45th reunion just for their class in the spring (which we missed). But it was fun, and Dan did get to see a lot of people he hadn't seen in many, many years. Here he is with a couple of his classmates.

We started the day out at the high school. Most of the building Dan knew as the high school has been demolished, and a beautiful new school has been built on the site. Dan was happy to see, though, that the auditorium from the old school has been preserved and will continue to be used. Here's a picture of it - renovations not quite complete.

Here is the middle section of the new gymnasium complex.

There were some cheerleaders practicing in the commons area, and I asked, "Can you strike a pose for me?" I didn't have to ask twice!

Everyone was invited to the Senior Citizen Center for lunch. We laughed about that, but it worked out well, since it was a very large facility, and could accommodate the large crowd.

We were on our own for several hours between lunch and dinner. There were a few places we would have liked to have visited, had it not been raining so hard all day. One of those places was the Muleshoe Heritage Center, which is a museum of six outdoor buildings and other artifacts which commemorate life in the West Texas ranching country. Maybe we'll get to tour it on our next trip through Muleshoe.

Instead of doing outdoor things in the rain, we stayed in the car and did a little sightseeing. We drove out to the old Baker farm to see the house that Wiley and Lauretta built, where Dan lived during the years he stayed with them.

We stopped by the Monument to the Mule, and Dan stood in the rain so I could get his picture with the mule, which had been been adorned with a 4th of July bonnet by some local resident.

Take a look at the GPS screen to see where we went next!

I guess this settles the debate about whether the earth is billions of years old or not.

That evening we all met up at the convention center for dinner. There were people there from almost all of the classes, 1937 through 1985. The catered meal was nice, and the table decorations were cute. Each person got a souvenir mule shoe to take home. (Did you know that mule shoes, unlike horse shoes which are round, are more like a long "U" shape?)

I loved meeting Dan's friends, but what was most fun was watching him reconnect with people he hadn't seen in 45 years, and hearing them share snippets of their life stories.

Here's a picture of most of the class of 1965 who were in attendance.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Clovis, which was pretty convenient, as it is only about 40 minutes from Muleshoe.

Here's another funny shot of our GPS screen, taken as we turned off the road, into the parking lot of the Hampton. I promise, we checked under the tires, and there was no one there - senior citizen or otherwise!

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Anonymous said...

That's so great that you went for that reunion!!

There must be some stubborn genes there to name the town after mule shoes. I lked.

.seeing the house where Dan lived.

Our weather was crummy this weekend....61degrees sun.

Love to you both....K & G