Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday Party

Poor Dan! His birthday was back on July 8, but he had to wait until this evening to celebrate, because of "Linda's Adventures with the Dermatologist." I tried to make it up to him tonight, though.

We had our friends, Tobey, Carol and Emily, and our son, Tim, over for dinner. Carol and Dan share the same birthday, so it was a party-for-two. Even though he was the honoree, Dan offered to do his specialty, barbecue chicken, which turned out deeeelicious. To go with it I made a big bowl of potato salad (using red potatoes, my favorite), heated up a pot of baked beans, and sliced up two perfectly ripe, sweet cantaloupes. For dessert, I made the July Daring Bakers' recipe. I can't disclose what it was until reveal day, July 27. I can tell you that it didn't turn out as pretty as I'd hoped, but it was a hit, none the less.

Here's a picture of the two birthday "kids" enjoying their mystery dessert. Come back on July 27 to find out what it was.

After dinner, Dan gave Tim something he bought for him; he bought one for himself as well. They were mini RC helicopters. They are only meant to be flown inside. We all had a lot of fun watching and cheering-on the helicopter pilots.

We had a lot of crash landings at first.

Happy birthday, Dan. It was fun helping you celebrate YOUR day.


Anonymous said...

That looks very fun!!! A great boy toy!!


Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings too you. Lloyd

Kieran said...

Nice landing Tim!