Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We were dining at Wendy's a week or so ago. A grandpa and grandma came in with their granddaughter who was about five years old. After getting their food they sat down at a table near us. They had purchased a Kids' Meal for the little girl, and with it came a prize. "What's the prize, Grandpa?" she asked. Grandpa reached into the bag and pulled out a "Motown for Kids" CD. "It's a CD!" he said. "A CD is kind of like a record."

The little girl gave him a brief, blank stare and then said, "Well, anyway Grandpa, can we play the CD in the car when we leave?"


Kelsey said...

Grandpas are silly!

Anonymous said...

And Grandpas are old!


Betty said...

LOL! Grandpa forgot he was speaking to a new generation! haha