Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Current Project: "Robert's First Words"

It took awhile to build momentum on this, my first book for Robert, but I'm moving full steam ahead now. Here are a few sample pages from Robert's First Words. As you can see, I chose a denim theme. My denim background digital paper came from a Scrappers Guide kit called BoysAndToys. The photos were all taken using my new light tent.

I have 14 pages completed, and would like to have 20 to 24 in the finished book. I haven't yet done the cover or the title page, but my goal is to have it completely formatted and sent off to the printer sometime in the next two weeks.

You probably can't read the little jeans rivets that are in the bottom corners, but I've attached an enlargement. I found a great Photoshop tutorial (HERE) for creating them, in case you're interested.

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