Monday, February 10, 2014

The Next Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock - that spontaneous, free-form, abstract artist from the 1940s and 1950s - is well known for his large canvases painted while they were stretched out on the floor or ground. He is remembered for his style of dripping, flinging, splattering and pouring paint onto the canvas. Check out THIS picture of Pollock-in-action and compare it to Robert-in-action on our back patio yesterday afternoon:

And as for works of art, I may be looking through Grandma-colored glasses, but I think Robert's Number 1: Gray compares quite favorably to Pollock's Number 14: Gray.

We had a blast yesterday afternoon painting the patio, the fence and the bricks on the house. What fun this little guy can have with something as simple as water and a paint brush. Of course, a water shooter added another dimension to the fun. I wonder if Pollock ever used one of these to put paint to canvas?


Lois said...

Fabulous series of the young artist.

Chesney said...

I think someone is having a fun trip! :) Definitely an up and coming artist!