Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Visit with Captain America/Spiderman

You've heard of "mixed metaphors"? This is "mixed superheroes."

We drove up to Dallas on Friday to visit Dan's sister, Marci, and Caleb, Tammy and Miles (her son, d-i-l, and grandson). Marci was in a bad car accident about three weeks ago, and is staying at Caleb's while she recuperates from some pretty severe bone bruises and other aches and pains (no broken bones, thankfully). Although she is still limping and has difficulty sitting down and getting up, we were relieved to see that she is making good progress in her recovery.

We had a great visit. They took us out to a Japanese hibachi grill for dinner on Friday, which was a real treat.

While our Robert is infatuated with cars, little Miles is equally into superheroes. Here he is, sitting with his daddy, Caleb (whom he calls "Papa"), while watching a Superman movie on TV.


Lois said...

Cute super hero.

Anonymous said...

Stinkin' cute!!!!


Chesney said...

Has to be the cutest Captain America I have seen! :)