Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Look What Came to My Door

I had just taken a pain pill, and was watching Dan put the final shingle on the dollhouse, when the doorbell rang. Oh . . . the pain pill was because I had oral surgery this morning to do the tooth implant in my lower jaw (see previous post here).

When I answered the door, there was a delivery man with this vase of flowers. I was puzzled, and looked at Dan, who shook his head and said he hadn't sent them. Upon opening the little card, I was flabbergasted  to learn that the flowers came from my dentist and my oral surgeon. The note read: "Thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for you. With best wishes from Dr. Crowson & Dr. Leland."

What a thoughtful thing for them to do! I realize that the cost of this procedure is high, and that they can well afford to send flowers. But the fact that they choose to do such a kind thing for their patients really impresses me and makes me glad to be in their care.


Anonymous said...

Good marketing and referral he did a good job, I think I would keep that dentist! Lovely flowers!

Lois said...

Nice to see that the dentist follows through with his patients. I would keep them.