Thursday, December 5, 2013

52 in 2013 - #37 Theme of the Week: Winter

A cold front is moving into Central Texas. Tonight's forecast is for temperatures in the 30s with a chance of freezing rain. Snow is also a possibility in the next couple of days. Nothing combats winter's chill better than a sparkly Christmas tree and a warm fire. Care to join me, in front of the fire, for a nice cup of hot cocoa later tonight?


Anonymous said...

Yes!! Here in Lewiston ID / Clarkston WA (the banana belt of ID) it's predicted for 7F tonight, 14F for a high tomorrow and 2F for tomorrow night. Sunday 1 degree warmer than Sat. Thank goodness they don't have Taku's here! Good thing my nearly hairless chihuahua is pee pad trained. She runs and hides every time I ask her if she wants to go outside.

Linda E

Lois said...

So beautiful and inviting. I would love that cocoa.