Friday, December 6, 2013

52 in 2013 - #38 Theme of the Week: Work

Dan and I are going to a Austin tomorrow night for his car club Christmas party. We are supposed to bring either a dessert or an appetizer. I went out early this morning to get all of the ingredients to make Santa Hat Brownies. I spent a long time this morning baking the brownies, cleaning the strawberries and putting together these little treats. Yes, it was a lot of WORK. Here's what they looked like after I put them together.

And here's what they looked like an hour later :-(  The strawberries wouldn't stay atop the brownies. The white "stuff" is marshmallow creme, which slid off the brownies like melting snow, taking the strawberries along for the ride. Seeing this disaster-in-the-making, I changed from marshmallow creme to regular white frosting for the remainder, but that wasn't successful either. The strawberries seeped their red juice into the frosting, and it, too, started sliding off the brownies. I guess we'll have to buy a dessert to take tomorrow night. How disappointing!

As a side note, I did use a new brownie recipe for this failed experiment, and those brownies were NOT disappointing. They were very good -- moist, dense, rich and chewy. Even though these little Santa hats will not be going to the party tomorrow evening, they won't go to waste - or maybe I should say they WILL go to "waist", somebody's waist anyway. Dan always appreciates my failed baking projects.

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Lois said...

So disappointing when that happens, but I am sure your family isn't disappointed with the treats.