Thursday, February 3, 2011

Record-Breaking Cold Temperatures

Negative 11 degrees. That’s what the temperature is, this morning, in Albuquerque! Because of strong east winds, the wind chill factor is -23 degrees. Maybe moving from Juneau, 7-1/2 years ago, was only a dream, because it feels like I’m back “home.”

Schools have been closed for three days now. UNM and the UNM Foundation (where I work) were closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and are on a 2-hour delay today. Although the roads were very bad on Tuesday, they are mostly clear now. The closures and delays today are not due to road conditions, but to the bitter cold. Albuquerque school-children (and adults, for that matter) do not have the warm clothing needed for this kind of weather.

I came to work this morning at my regular start-time; I didn’t see a reason to wait until later. The office building is pretty frigid, although our little suite of five offices is not bad at all. Other folks coming into our suite are calling it the banana belt of the building. The ladies’ restroom thermometer, on the other hand, reads 49 degrees! I’m pretty sure the toilet seats are closer to freezing.

According to the weather forecast, the temperature should begin rising tomorrow. By Saturday they are predicting a high of 41 degrees, but more snow is in the forecast for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.


Papa John said...


I'm going to stop whining about the drizzle and perpetual low 40s up here!

And I'm reconsidering New Mexico's candidacy as a future state of residence.


Linda Judd said...

But Papa John, it's been 40 years since NM has seen this kind of weather, so it's certainly not typical!